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The Shoebox 100- Making a billion SBP icons, 100 at a time.

Why yes, we are crazy.

The Shoebox Project 100 Icon Challenge
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Hello and Welcome to the Shoebox 100, the (uh...kind of...somewhat?) official Shoebox project icon challenge. Basically, you choose something, a character, a chapter, a theme for the icons, and go to town, making 100 icons total.

We know you hate them, just work with us here.

1. Join the community! Duh, you have to join to post and please join before you make a claim. It's just easier that way.

2. Choose your claim! Anything from making icons just of the quotes, to making Hector-based icons (although in hindsight, I'm not entirely sure you would be able to make 100 of them...). We'll allow 5 of the same claim, just so things don't get too repetitive.

3. No time limits, so don't stress about getting them done all at once!

4. Please claim only 2 things at once. It's hard enough getting 100 done, getting 400 done will likely kill you.


6. Also, it has to be Shoebox-relevant. We'd prefer it to be directly from SBP. But if there's some art that you made that you make icons out of that's perfectly fine. However, no using anyone elses art, it's way too hard to tell whether you actually got permission or not.

7. Using a general form for your posts would be prefered, such as:

Artist: (your username or your icon lj's username, or just whoever made them)
Theme: (Remus, Lily/James, Quotes etc.)
Icon #: (How many in this post/how many completed total/100. Like say you have 20 icons in this post, and you've done 50 total, that's 20/50/100.)
Credits: (Other than Shoebox, that's kind of obvious, where did you get brushes, gradients, fonts, etc.)

8. If you don't update within 6 months, we're going to have to assume the claim's dropped. That is, unless, you e-mail us. Even 1 icon is considered an update, so it's not too hard to update often.

How to Claim:
Post your claims in this post.
Drop your Claim in this post.
Done? Comment on this post. to get your happy little banner.

meiki is the only mod right now, me :D. This community shouldn't be toohard to manage, but eventually I probably will make a post asking for help so just look out for it!

I strongly reccomend using this for posting your icons. The easiest way to get all of your icons in a table without a headache :D

Obviously, we want to thank ladyjaida and dorkorific for all the work they've done on the Shoebox Project. *heart*

As a side note, anyone can comment and take icons from this community, you don't have to be member to appreciate our work :D Just make sure to credit the maker!